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File 12 - The Panther Express  &  File 13 - The Werewolf's Blood 


File 12 - The Panther Express





How does a locomotive disappear without a trace? That is the question being raised this morning as the new novelty train owned by millionaire businessman, Fred Walker, vanished from the tracks sometime in the early morning hours. The Panther Express was in the midst of a four day scenic tour through the mountains when all communication with the train ceased. Authorities have combed the entire stretch of tracks without finding a clue on where, or how, the train disappeared.

At the time of this printing, authorities also have no clue on what happened to the crew or passengers. Among the eighty-four missing passengers are Bobby and Brandon Stark, sons of Russ and Jami Stark of Raven Cliff Cove.


The phenomenon continues... 

softcover, 204 pages  Price: $8.95 

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File 13 - The Werewolf's Blood


tsf_13_web__temp_small.jpg Strange occurrences, mutilated cattle, tattered clothing, and a strange howl under the full moon places the residence of Raven Cliff Cove under a veil of terror.

Local high school student, Sirena McNeil, claims to know the reason behind the recent horrific events, she's seen it.

A werewolf.

Skeptical, the Stark brothers determine there's enough circumstantial evidence to warrant an investigation. When Officer Joe Franklin shares the findings on one of those occurrences, the boys suddenly realize the werewolf theory is not only plausible, but probable.

A werewolf is a mythological creature. A shape shifter of folklore and do not exist. Or, do they?

During a blood moon, Bobby and Brandon find themselves in the ultimate danger, led to a mysterious building at the edge of town and into a predestined encounter they never expected.


The phenomenon deepens... 

softcover, 204 pages  Price: $8.95 

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